Max’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Meet Mr CutiePie Max celebrating his 1st Birthday with us in the studio with a 3-in-1 Happimess session to include the Cake Smash. Max had a wonderful time with us and thoroughly enjoyed his little self – as you will see from his pics below …

First of all we use our giant wooden letters spelling ‘One’ which he posed beautifully with.  I can change the letters to any colour as you will see on the website gallery page.    I use the letters shoot to get your baby used to me, the studio and the studio flash lights.

Max’s colour scheme for the cake smash was chosen as all blues and whites  – His cake was made to match and we supply pompoms, balloons and bunting to all tone in.   As soon as we gave him his cake, he got really stuck in.  He just loved it … He was  huge smiles and giggles the whole way through.

I really love this blue and white themed and as you will see I made the big letters blues when in actual fact they are orange, limegreen and purple.

Once Max had finished his Cake Smash  … We then put him into our posing roll top baby bath, put the bubbles on and let him relax and play in the tub … he loved it – loved the bubbles and the splashing.  It really was such a good time had by all of us … me included.

Following Max’s Cake Smash photo session with Shy Violet Photography, a Gallery of images was uploaded to our Customer Only GALLERY website where here mum & dad were able to view her images and choose their faves from here.

If you are thinking of booking a birthday cake smash for your little one, our 3 Sale Packages are shown on our website – click here. Each package includes a 9”personalised cake made extra soft and gooey and very yummy, in a choice of colours.  Cllick through the image gallery and prices can be found after all the pics.

If you would like to discuss a colour scheme or a certain theme, then please do get in touch – we are always open to and welcome new ideas.  And you are free to bring as many props of your own for your photo session too – we can discuss at the start what to use and where.

There are no hidden costs, there is nothing more to pay if you book one of our packages, unless of course you would like additional images – you can request to see these prior to booking.

For 100s of cake smash pics – click here to go to our Facebook page.  Or our Instagram page

cake smash, cake smashing, 1st birthday

cake smash, 1st birthday, cake smashing

cake smash, 1st birthday, cake smashing

cake smash, 1st birthday, cake smashing