Olivia’s First Birthday Cake Smash

Olivia came to our studio to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash … which we all our  ‘HAPPIMESS’ 3-in1 First Birthday Cake Smash photoshoot.

It’s just the funniest way to celebrate the first Birthday…. Letting them loose on a big bright and very gooey cake – what could be more fun?  Watching their reactions is priceless.

Olivia’s mum and dad brought along Nana and  Grandad too and we did a mini family portrait shoot – just 2-3 pics on a mini backdrop (either taupe or grey) – they chose the grey – pics below … just ask on booking if this is something you would like too.

Olivia started with the ‘I am One photoshoot’. I have some large wooden letters which can be turned to virtually any colour in the post edit – you’ll see lots of different variations in my cake smash gallery – click here to view. And Olivia posed beautifully with these letters.

And then I brought on the cake for her – and she loved it – pulling some very cute and funny faces.  Each package INCLUDES one of our standard cakes as shown in the pics in the gallery in a choice of colours (your choice) – made especially extra soft and gooey for maximum mess!!   There is the option to order other cakes too for a little extra – all shown on the website together with package costs – click here to view gallery of images and prices.

After the cake, we then put Olivia into our mini roll top bath where she splashed about for ages – she didn’t want to get out even when the bath water went cold!

These First birthday cake smash photo shoots are fab!  Sooooo much fun for your baby and for you as the parents … and for me too!

Following your baby’s cake smash photoshoot with Shy Violet Photography, a Gallery of images is uploaded to our Customer Only Gallery website where you are able to view the images as many times as you like and choose your faves from here.

If you are thinking of booking a 1st birthday cake smash photoshoot for your little one, our 3 Sale Packages are shown on our website – click here. Each package includes an 8” tall personalised cake made extra soft and gooey and very yummy, in a choice of colours.  But we do have other exciting and fun cakes for you to choose from and examples of these are shown on our website too (and a few atached to this blog).

If you would like to discuss a colour scheme or a certain theme, then please do get in touch – we are always open to and welcome new ideas.

There are no hidden costs, there is nothing more to pay if you book one of our packages, unless of course you would like additional images – you can request to see these prior to booking.

For 100s of cake smash pics – click here to go to our Facebook page.  Or our Instagram page

Below is the 9 image mulitple chosen by Nana and Grandad – this was an addition to the booked Package 🙂   Plus the ONE letters collage in Pink.

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