Cake Smash Bookings in these uncertain times

At the moment, we are all very unsure of what the situation will be in the coming weeks (possibly months) and I am sure that many of you will still want to book a celebratory 1st Birthday photo session such as the Cake Smash.

The Cake Smash doesn’t have to be done on the 1st Birthday … it’s a celebration of turning One – and remember they will be one for 12 months … so during these uncertain times, why not book a PROVISIONAL Cake Smash to celebrate this milestone later this year. This way you will have something fab and fun to look forward to.

I am now taking provisional future bookings and instead of the usual £39 deposit, I am just taking £10 on booking.  Only when we are sure the shoot can go ahead will the remainder of the deposit become payable.  And dates can always be rearranged if necessary.

I do guesstimate that there will be a rush on bookings as soon as this is over, so if you’d like to secure a date, please do get in touch.  You can use the Contact Form on the Cake Smash Page It’s at the bottom of every website page -to view click here.

Or you can email me to  or call me for a chat on 07810 533533.

The prices for my 3 sale packages are published on the website and can be found at the top of the Cake Smash page – click here. 

Each package includes a 8”personalised cake made extra soft and gooey and very yummy, in a choice of colours.  Click through the images to see choices of colours.    I provide the bunting, pompoms and balloons to colour match your choice of cake and backdrop.

If you would like to discuss a colour scheme or a certain theme, then please do get in touch – we are always open to and welcome new ideas.  And you are free to bring as many props of your own for your photo session too – we can discuss at the start what to use and where.

There are no hidden costs, there is nothing more to pay if you book one of our packages, unless of course you would like additional images – you can request to see the price list for additional Cake Smash images prior to booking.

For 100s of cake smash pics – you can go to our FaceBook and Instagram pages.

Here are a few pics of Arla and her 3-in-1 Happimess session / Cake Smash – Pink Cake and Grey Backdrop

cake smash, 1st birthday cake smash, cake smashing, photography, photographer

cake smash, 1st birthday cake smash, cake smashing, photography, photographer