1st Birthday Celebration

As we all know, the 1st Birthday Cake Smash has become a Must Have for the 1st Birthday for so many … but not all!

At Shy Violet Photography, we absolutely love our Cake Smash photo sessions, but do realise that not everyone loves mess the way we do.

Erica’s mum called me and asked for ideas for Erica for her 1st Birthday that didn’t involve smashing up a cake …  and as you will see from the images below, we still provided our ‘3-in-1’ Photo session, but no ‘Happimess’ … Just happiness 🙂

We started with our jumbo flowery ‘1’, then we used our cream coloured wooden letters spelling ‘one’.  After this we put Erica in our spinning chair which she just loved, and then into our vintage pale and added some bubbles – a lot of fun for Erica and all of us … who needs cake?!

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A few of Erica’s 1st Birthday pics … one from each section of the photo session.  We have miniature black boards and a lovely one in the shape of a heart, we also added this to the chair and vintage pale pics, but not shown in this blog.

1st Birthday, One year old, baby photographer, baby photos

1st Birthday photo session, one year old baby girl, baby photographer

1st birthday Bubbles, One year old, baby girl, baby photographer

1st birthday Bubbles, One year old, baby girl, baby photographer